We believe that every family is unique and so should the house cleaning services. With PinterClean  you not only get a professional residential cleaning service but a reliable house cleaning partner that understands your schedule, lifestyle and budget.
Our professional cleaning professionals are trained to meticulously cover every detail of your house and offer outstanding house cleaning results. PinterClean residential cleaning services include professional window cleaning, granite, marble and specialty glass care and tiles, light floor cleaning, Traventine and Gardening.

We offer short and long term weekly, bi-weekly and monthly house cleaning packages as well as move in-out cleaning and professional window cleaning and carpet cleaning.

PinterClean provides different approaches considering each customer’s needs and preferences. Some customers, for instance, prefer to not deal with anything related with cleaning. For them, the company can provide all the supplies and equipments necessary for the house cleaning services. However, if the customer prefer, they can provide their own supplies.

PinterClean respects your preferences by creating a tailored made cleaning package for you. But whatever your preferences are, you can be sure that PinterClean will do the dirty work for you so you can spend more quality time with your family.

Commercial Services
When it comes to commercial janitorial, sanitation is not the only important concern. A clean commercial facility represents a good corporate professional image. In addition, a well kept clean place reduces the risk of allergies and other illnesses. That means office cleaning provides a better and healthier environment for customers and employees. As a result you have a more productive business.

PinterClean is an experienced, professional, Tennessee commercial cleaning company that can help you to keep your facility with a professional image and healthy environment. We create individual commercial cleaning packages to fit each client’s need and schedule. But whether you need a daily, weekly, monthly or just a one-time clean up, with PinterClean you are guaranteed to receive affordable, top quality service. PinterClean's goal is to meet or exceed its clients’ satisfaction by providing the highest quality commercial cleaning service in Tennessee, and at reasonable prices.

PinterClean's Tennessee commercial cleaning service provides the best cleaning equipment available. As an environmental friendly company, they offer biodegradable supplies in all residential cleaning services. Our highly trained team of cleaning professionals is also trained to use green cleaning methods to save natural resources.

                                                                           PinterClean is a professional, company that has built its reputation by
                                                                                                 being operated with honesty and integrity.

                                    Whether You Require Daily, Weekly or Monthly Service, or Just A One-Time Only Service,
                                         You Can Count on PinterClean  for Top-Notch Cleaning at Unbeatable Rates 

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