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Your house cleaning mostly depends on what you need help with. If you are looking for a routine house cleaning, then your house is cleaned from top to the bottom including cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room and dining room. All places will be vacuumed, dusted, disinfected and will smell fresh. Some customers might be looking for move in or move out house cleaning, spring cleaning or deep cleaning. For these types of cleanings, everything is done the same as in a routine cleaning plus much more. Your refrigerator, oven, windows, blinds and light fixtures are cleaned and your house is sanitized, shining and sparkling.
One Time House Cleaning
We offer one time house cleaning service for those days when your schedule is too full to fit in house cleaning and home cleaning needs or for special occasions. Cleaning services are also available on weekly, or bi-weekly or on a monthly basis. One time house cleanings are ideal for: Parties, New Baby, Company Arriving, Moving, Holidays, or a Gift for a Family Member or Friend.
Besides regular office cleaning and retail commercial cleaning, we can provide janitorial services to a wide range of facilities including: Restaraunts banks, schools, fitness centers and industrial sites. The company also provides real estate and property management commercial cleaning packages.

General and Detail Office Cleaning Residential Home Cleaning Why Choose PinterClean?
Paint removal Drip pans or glass surfaces cleaned We are reliable and consistent
Landscaping Fronts of all appliances cleaned
We are affordable
Commercial kitchen cleaning Fronts of cabinets hand wiped We look out for your health with Green  cleaning professional services
Bathroom sanitation Window sills, ledges, blinds hand wiped We take pride in customer service
Windows glassing and watching Baseboards hand wiped We use tested and proven methods
Roof cleaning Doors and door frames hand wiped We learn your needs quickly
Commercial carpet cleaning All kitchen furniture hand wiped PinterClean complies with federal, state and local labor and tax laws and carries insurance
Interior and exterior painting Counter tops cleaned, Cobwebs removed We bring our own green cleaning professional service equipment and supplies
Wood, marble, granite and grout floor cleaning Hand wash floors We have established standard house cleaning procedures – every team, every cleaning
PinterClean offers professional cleaning services to make your home, office or commercial establishment look its very best. From cleaning sinks, tubs and tiles to polishing windows and supervising the upkeep of commercial facilities, our cleaners have the expertise to deal with every cleaning challenge. Let our staff customize a cleaning service program to suit your individual needs and your budget. Whether you require daily, weekly or monthly service, or just one-time only service, you can count on PinterClean  for top-notch cleaning at unbeatable rates. All employees are screened for your protection. They are neat in appearance and carry proper company identification.
                                       Whether You Require Daily, Weekly or Monthly Service, or Just A One-Time Only Service,
                                            You Can Count on PinterClean  for Top-Notch Cleaning at Unbeatable Rates 

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